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At some point in almost every couples journey, they reach a point of feeling a bit stuck. Whether it’s loss of communication, fighting about the same issues over and over, unfulfilling sex life or just getting caught up in the day to day of running a household.

The Marriage Blueprint can get you started in the right direction, or give you the direction to refocus your marriage.

Everything within this workbook is designed to help you think of new ways to create intimacy together.

Often, if we think of intimacy, our first thoughts are about sex. While sex is certainly an important part of intimacy, there are other type of intimacy that we should create as well.

The types that we focus on in this workbook are:

  • Spiritual Intimacy – Sharing your values and beliefs. This could be religious but does not have to include religion.
  • Emotional Intimacy – Sharing your feelings honestly with your partner and allowing them to do the same.
  • Intellectual Intimacy – Sharing thought and having conversations outside of the everyday monotony.
  • Experiential Intimacy – Sharing experiences with your spouse and building shared memories by learning new activities together.
  • Physical Intimacy – Both sexual and non-sexual touch.

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